November is the perfect time of year to reflect upon all of the privileges, people and opportunities we have been presented with before the year is over.


While frequent Facebook statuses indicate Bridgewater State University students are most grateful for class cancellations and for getting a parking spot that is not in Tower, there are still many other things on campus we must remember to give thanks to.


When we find ourselves so caught up in our busy schedules, we tend to forget to thank those who provide us with one of life’s necessities, food. After a long day of class, it is so nice to walk into the dining hall and have dinner waiting. While the food may not be the best at times, the dining halls never fail to feed us and provide a wide range in menu items.

Sodexo employee Bob. Emily Wiegand photo.
Sodexo employee Bob. Emily Wiegand photo.


Sodexo workers deserve a great deal of gratitude for tolerating many of us who constantly forget our manners. They continuously put up with us, even when we choose to be difficult, and yet they still cater to our needs.


When you find yourself staring down at a plate of home cooked food this Thanksgiving, remember to acknowledge those who provide us with food throughout the school year.


How about those who are always here on campus to deal with the dirty work that no one else wants to do? Those who go through great efforts to maintain the residence halls and other campus buildings are far too often forgotten about.


If it wasn’t for the working maintainers who exceed expectations as far as cleanliness goes, many students would be living in filth. Often there is this misconception that as students, we are entitled to the services provided by the maintainers, and many forget this is a service that is a privilege.


While there may be students who hold education near and dear, there are still students who view their education as something perpetually guaranteed.


Although we live in a society which offers public education to it’s citizens, it is imperative to remember we are very fortunate to not live in a society where people have to risk their lives in the sake of preserving the right to education.


This season find a way to demonstrate your appreciation for your education. Whether you choose to thank your parents for co-signing your student loan, or instead you decide to be more conscientious and cut back on the number of classes you skip, the underlying importance is to manifest your value for education


The way in which you chose to declare appreciation for the meaningful things you have in life, doesn’t have to be elaborate or extravagant. Instead, this Thanksgiving find a simple and sincere way to recognize many of life’s aspects we are so privileged to have.

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