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What does safety mean to you?


In light of shootings, bombings, and what-have-you, how safe are we really on campus? Sure, we’re a decently small campus in a suburb town. We should have nothing to worry about, right?


Now I’m not saying you should immediately stop trusting everyone you know – that would be ridiculous. What I am saying is, be prepared for the worst. Don’t live your life on this campus thinking the sun shines on every square inch of Bridgewater.


While that would be amazing, it certainly wouldn’t be true. There could be danger right outside your door, and you may not even know it. While it’s perfectly okay to go about your day and expect safety, it’s still the smartest thing to be prepared for any kind of danger.

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Do you have a plan in place if a fire happens in your dorm? And I don’t mean someone burned their popcorn fire, I mean a massive blaze of a fire.


What about if some stranger finds their way into your room, like what happened in DiNardo Hall two years ago? What if your best friend drank too much and is puking black gunk?


How would you handle that?


That’s what the staff on campus is here for. Your Residential Assistant might pester you about going to their silly movie nights and baking sessions, but they’re also there for some real-life support on the scariest of situations. The police might seem like all they want to do is pull you over for going two miles per hour over the speed limit, but they really care about making sure students are safe.


It’s important to utilize these resources you have before an emergency happens. You want to stay calm, cool and collected during a crisis, and not freak out and ignore orders that will really help you. When there’s a plan in place, it’s much easier to stay calm.


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