My dog has changed my life in many different and amazing ways

Ceilidh Adams
Opinion Editor

I have been a dog person since I was a very little girl. While my brother and sister were not the biggest fans of dogs growing up, I absolutely loved them.

So, four years ago, when my mum and my stepdad announced to my siblings and I that they were thinking about getting a dog, I was absolutely over the moon excited. I was there through the whole process, of finding the right breed for our family, and finding the right dog for our family; Finlay fit the description for us absolutely perfectly.

I was there the day that we picked up Finlay from a breeder near where I live, and he was such a little, adorable ball of fluff at the time, that I fell head over heels in love as soon as I laid eyes on him.

Finlay (or Finn, as I like to call him) grew up on a farm, so the first time that my sister and I took him from a walk, he was scared of many different things–most comically and adorably, puddles.

As a puppy, Finn taught me about patience and about discipline. As all puppies are, Finn was mischievous, and when he was very little, he was teething, so he would bite all of us. As he grew up, we took him to a training class, and now, he is trained well, but at the time, I learned how something so little and adorable can be such a menace.

Eventually, he grew out of that stage, and got bigger, and learned what would happen if he misbehaved. As he grew up, I learned that having a dog is a lot of work. My stepdad took on the role of walking him three times a day, but when I was home I would sometimes take on the responsibility as well.

Having a dog is hard work, and of course, like all things, Finn can be a pain at times. But there is nothing like when I come home to him wagging his tail and running around in excitement. It is the best feeling when I pull up in the driveway and see him obediently sitting in the grass when he sees me, just waiting to play.

The most important lesson that Finn has taught me is about love and absolute loyalty. I love many, many things about my dog, but one thing that I really love about him is his non-discrimination policy. Finn cannot tell the difference between the President of the United States or just a regular person, he cannot see disabilities or ailments. He just wants somebody to play with him, no matter who it is.

Dogs are known for their loyalty.

When my stepfather leaves to go to work, or to go run errands or whatever he has to do, Finn will wait by the door until he gets home, and when my step father gets home, Finn is so excited that you would think that he has not seen my stepfather for years.

Do not get me wrong, dogs are a lot of work, and anyone who is even considering getting a dog should do extensive research about what they want and the options by which they get this dog. One must go through a long process, but in the end, it is so worth it when you find the right dog, one that fits the needs of yourself or your family.

I have and always will be a dog person, because dogs have taught me many important life lessons–from love and loyalty, to patience and discipline, Finn has been an amazing addition to my life and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful, and in my opinion adorable, dog.

Ceilidh Adams is the Opinion Editor for The Comment. Email her at c3adams@

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