Last minute costume trends to follow for Halloween

By Molly Bello
Comment Columnist

Still don’t have a costume? Stereotypical fashion tribes are a great route to go for Halloween. They don’t require much explanation, and they are relatively simple to create. Also, they work great in groups.
Hippies: Floral crowns are easily made with ribbon or wire and some artificial flowers. Even more authentic would be to gather any flowers from outside and clip or tie them in your hair. Tying a head scarf around your head is also a great option.
Distressed denim, loose, flowing clothing, and fringe will also help transport your outfit to the late 1960s. Long, layered necklaces, and piled on bangles and rings will add a great bohemian touch. Anything with peace signs or tie dye will be perfect.
Bikers/Greasers: Think black and leather. A leather jacket, dark jeans, and boots are a great base for this costume. Any sort of cut-off t-shirt will work under the jacket. Studs, patches, and chains all make great accessories. Fingerless gloves (if you don’t own them, chop off the fingers of a cheap, old pair) and a belt with a big, metal buckle add just the right amount of toughness.
Goth: This may be the easiest tribe to emulate for Halloween. Make sure you are in head to toe black. Long layers look great here. Lace or mesh is also perfect. Heavy makeup and backcombed/teased hair will take this costume to the next level. Silver jewelry and creepy elements are welcome (bats, anything that reminds you of vampires). Make sure you paint your nails black to top it all off.
Beatnik: The stereotypical beat look is generally all black as well, but with a more Parisian chic vibe. Turtlenecks and skinny, ankle-grazing jeans or pants, black eyeliner, and clean, groomed hair. Perhaps sunglasses, a beret, and a long cigarette holder (easy to replicate) to bring and wave pretentiously around will complete the look.
Grunge: The grunge trend is becoming popular again, so chances are you have a plaid shirt, crop top, distressed jeans, and combat boots. Think anything from the 90s. The plastic woven chokers will help define the grunge look, and if you don’t have one lying around from 10 years ago, they might be in stores again. You can always make your own choker with a ribbon or shoelace too…the sloppy look fits right in.
Mod: If you can picture Austin Powers: Goldmember, you’re right on target. Minimalist silhouettes, clean and not fussy. Union Jack prints fit right into this category. Also, mini skirts, thigh high boots and false eyelashes are perfect. Round sunglasses and a thick headband or headscarf in a psychedelic print or a matching color to the rest of your outfit will bring the look together.
Whichever tribe you choose, your costume will be recognizable, fun, and easy to make.

Molly Bello is a Comment Columnist. Follow her on Twitter at @mollybello.

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