The Bridge publication wins Pacemaker Award

Kevin Burke
Content Editor


Last week, The Bridge (Volume 12) was announced as the winner of the Pacemaker Award, the highest award available from the Associated College Press.

Along with this award, The Bridge (Volume 12) has also been able to claim 20 Gold Circle Awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association within the past few months.

The Bridge is a longtime student publication that features works of original student art, literature, and photography.

English professor and co-advisor of The Bridge, John Mulrooney, spoke highly of the students who work on it, and said, “The students involved spend time gelling, and learn to work together, which is what makes it so great.”

According to Mulrooney, it’s the students that make The Bridge what it is, and are able to see their hard work pay off.

However, despite the publication’s success, Mulrooney said that they don’t let it get to their heads.

“We don’t do it for the awards,” said Mulrooney. “We have been really fortunate that The Bridge has been able to compete every year, but we’re more concerned with getting the team to become a team. It’s gratifying for sure, but we just try to make the best journal we can, which would be impossible without the work put in by our contributors.”

The team of students responsible for this volume of The Bridge includes Ghada Masri, Briana McDonald, Elizabeth Tobin, Sara Kelley, Kerrin Flynn, Shannon Stivaletta, Jillian Boger, James Hobert, Anthony Holland, Jenna Lopes, Kate Pallis, James Stewart, Carley Taylor, Abigail Wotton, and Meaghan Casey.

So while The Bridge enjoys their recent achievements, it’s clear that they have a winning formula for years to come.

“The great thing about The Bridge is that it’s completely different every year,” explains Mulrooney. “We build it from the ground up, so each team and volume brings something totally new.”

Kevin Burke is the Content Editor of The Comment. Follow him on Twitter @Ke7inBurke.

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