Why switching up your routine can be beneficial

Tim Charette
Comment Contributor

In life, you are either one of those people who go by the flow, or you are one of those people who need a routine. Routines are great to have because you will always know what you are going to be doing on a regular basis.

Morning, night, daily, and even workouts, routines come in all different types. But with having a routine comes doing the same thing almost every day of the week, and who wants that?

Here is a solution, switch it up every now and then. Live on the “wild side” and do something you would not normally do in your everyday life.

Changing things up every now and then is a good thing because in life, we as humans constantly adapt to change. It comes in all forms, good and bad.

From moving homes, going from high school to college, losing a loved one, switching/starting a new job, whatever it may be, change is something we cannot avoid.

Switching up your routine could mean switching a small part of your day, such as going somewhere different for breakfast, traveling a new way to work, going to bed a little earlier, or doing an extra workout, or it could mean switching up a big part of your day, like switching to committing to exercising for an hour everyday if you have never worked out before.

The biggest change I think people have the hardest time making is going to bed a little earlier than usual. Having to study, hold down a job, getting homework done; it can be a lot.

The key to switching up this routine is time management. Adjust your day and prioritize what matters most to you, along with your responsibilities.

Whatever it may be just go ahead and switch it up, you never know what could happen. And of course it does not go well, then you can always go back to the way things were.

But do not just assume it will be bad because then you won’t try to change it, and you will never know what that little switch could mean for you. 

Tim Charette is a Staff Writer for The Comment newspaper.

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