American Marketing Association brings home conference awards

Marissa Bean

There are some new champions on campus.

Bridgewater State University’s chaper of the American Marketing Association traveled to New Orleans to participate in the 38th Annual International Collegiate Conference for the American Marketing Association. The chapter won several awards at the conference. The organization attends the conference each year.

BSU’s chapter sent 7 individuals to the conference. Three students from the Riccardi College of Business, and four others presented their undergraduate research at the conference.

The organization received several awards at the conference.

The organization placed fourth nationally in the SABRE competition. SABRE is “a marketing business simulation where we get a fictional product and we have to change the attributes and the numbers, like price, quanity, complexity of the object. It’s a fictional technological product,” said Charlie Frodigh, a junior. The participants had to advertise their product and make it most appealing to consumers.

According to Mary Woodbury, a junior, the organization also received several other awards at the conference.

The AMA won the Collegiate Chapter Awards for Outstanding Chapter Planning, the Outstanding Professional Development, and the Honorable Mention for Outstanding Marketing Week awards.

Woodbury and Frodigh were also semi-finalists in Outbound Sales.

The chapter has placed in the SABRE competition at previous conferences, but this was the first year the chapter won other awards.

While competition was an important part of the conference, there were other activities available including workshops and research presentations.

Woodbury and Frodigh presented their research on the use of social media in the classroom. Casey Dubin and MacKenzie Finn presented research on gender roles in the workplace. Krista Hill-Cummings and Kathleen Ferris-Costa, faculty adviser for the AMA, did a presentation on faculty advising.

The three other students that attended the conference were able to attend thanks to a grant the college received, according to Frodigh.

The AMA is open to students in all majors, not just marketing or other business majors.

It is a “professional, student-run organization. We focus a lot of our work on different resume builders for members, and for anyone of any major, for when they go out into the workforce,” said Woodbury.

Additonally, the chapter works with Career Services and the Office of External Affairs and Regional Partnerships to host events and work-shops.

The American Marketing Association meets on Mondays at 5 p.m. in RCC 212.

Marissa Bean is the Editor-in-Chief for The Comment.

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