College is great place to find lifelong friends and become independent

Maddie Monagle
Comment Contributor

Now a days people debate whether it is completely necessary to go to college, but only in the sense of getting a job.

You find your friends in college, learn about yourself, how to be self sufficient and independent. There are so many more reasons college is beneficial to you other than receiving a degree.

In college, you find your lifelong friends and they like you for who you are. Although at the beginning it may seem like you are floating along, so is everyone else. The friends you make in college are there by your side through everything, and are there to support you and help you succeed.

Many opportunities arise where you can talk and meet with many different people who, down the line, might be able to help you career wise. College helps you network in so many different areas other than your major. By meeting new people who can help you out or who are just there for you, you  can start to feel a sense of community at school.

College helps you become independent, but also helps you trust people. There are so many people you meet in college who help influence who you become as a person. Your friends, counselors, teachers and coaches are all there to help and guide to success.

Most people think that you find yourself in high school, but in reality you find out who you really are in college. With the freedom away from family and friends who have known you for a long time, you can really see who you are. You are given the opportunity to reflect on your past, as well as see where you want to be and who you want to be in the future.

So, to sum it all up, yes college is beneficial to us for getting a degree and taking classes, but it is also beneficial to becoming who we are. Just be yourself and be the best you can be and everything will fall into place. Take advantage of the resources around you, meet with people who are here to help and maybe even join a club or two. College is yours for the taking.

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