Where is Spring?

By Cori Dubois

Staff Writer

Compared to recent years, there has been a shortage of snow this winter. In October of 2011, there was a huge snow storm with strong winds in the Northeastern area. This year, winter had a late start and February seems to be making up for it.

Snow totals are playing catch up and finally, we got the snow day we’ve all been hoping for! Due to the amount of snow, classes were canceled Thursday, February 9th, followed up by BSU being delayed until 10 a.m. on Friday. The streets were a mess since there was a lack of plowing and shoveling on campus. For instance, the walkway between Scott Hall and Bears Den was coated with ice and slush. This could have been potentially dangerous for any students trying to get to classes.

Most of us say Groundhog’s day is just a myth and a groundhog seeing his shadow has nothing to do with the outcome of the weather. This past Groundhog’s Day, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow which implies that there will be six more weeks of winter. So far it looks like he could be right.

Even though the snow has been off to a slow start, we’ve had extremely cold temperatures. On a good note, this upcoming weekend we should be expecting the sun to peek out. The forecast will be mostly sunny but partly cloudy. The high will be around 40 degrees while the low will be around 24 degrees. Hopefully, Punxsutawney Phil is wrong and this could be a turn-around for an early spring. As much as we all love snow days, I think we could all use some spring weather. Bundle up and stay warm!

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