Everyday apps that are designed with the college student in mind

By Gregory Plathe
Comment Contributor

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The fall semester at BSU has started up and, for some of us, the next few months are going to be stressful. Words like “essay,” “exam,” “presentation,” “mid-term,” and “final” will start to haunt your every thought and cloud your mind as the semester creeps forward.

However, with access to an abundance of technology and helpful apps, there is no need for this semester to be stressful. Turn these next few months into a relaxing and enjoyable college experience using some of these helpful apps:

  1. Amazon Student

First things first, remember those old college textbooks from last semester? Instead of leaving them to collect dust, how about selling them using Amazon Student. This app is specifically designed to help students sell back their old books for much more than they would get from their college bookstore (It works! trust me on this one). Amazon will pay the shipping for you to send it back and give you an Amazon gift card in return. This app will also help you find new textbooks for the cheapest available prices.

2.  IStudiez Pro (IStudiez Lite)

Sick of being disorganized? Start this semester off right using IStudiez, an app that helps you keep track of schedules, deadlines, grades and assignments. Simple and easy, this app is a much better alternative to that bulky planner you carry around with you. Trade in that giant calendar on your desk and keep your whole schedule right on your phone, laptop, or iPad using IStudiez!

  1. iTunes University (ITunes U)

Want a little extra homework this semester? Probably not, but if you want to take charge of your college experience and go the extra mile, try using iTunes University. Get access to course material from some of the greatest universities in the world, including Harvard, Yale, and Oxford. Need credible source material for an essay, or do you simply want to learn about a topic that interests you? There is no limit to what you could learn using this app!

Don’t have an Apple device? No problem, try using the Coursera app for similar features, or use Khan Academy for extra learning at any level.

      4.  LinkedIn

Don’t wait until senior year to get started with LinkedIn. Use the websites app to stay connected with professionals in your line of study or expertise. Linkedin is a massive professional network where individuals can access expert knowledge, provide their own insights and even look for job opportunities. Many companies use LinkedIn in their hiring process. Start building those connections now and get a head start before you graduate!

  1. Groupon

Saving money is no joke for a college student. Use Groupon to find the greatest deals online and in your local neighborhood. Whether it be a new winter jacket, a fancy dinner or tickets to the opera, Groupon is a sure way to find the greatest and most affordable deals for the things we love. Treat yourself to the finer things this semester by using Groupon.

  1. Mint

Being organized is important, but keeping your finances organized is probably the most important thing you can do this semester. Bills and expenses can add up quickly; a simple mistake in finances could cost you. Mint is a safe and secure app service that will help you manage all your different financial information in once place. Mint even analyzes your spending habits and helps you track where your money goes.

College can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t need to be! Whether it be organization, financial management, studying, making connections, or simply finding good deals, these apps can help you tackle some of the most difficult problems faced by students.

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