The holiday season is in full swing. We’ve got Christmas movies on the television, Christmas music blasting from every which way, and Chanukah celebrations all around us.


December cold is in full force as well, snow will be here before we know it, and all of this combined sets the wonderful scene that is the holiday season.

Photo, creative commons. Caption " It seems that holiday lights, music, and festivities are emerging earlier every year."
Photo, creative commons. Caption ” It seems that holiday lights, music, and festivities are emerging earlier every year.”

It’s a time for everyone to enjoy, but can all of this be set upon us prematurely?


Some might debate this. Some people love the Christmas music coming on right after Halloween. But some of us like myself find it overbearing and once the holiday season has come around, we are sick and tired of listening to it since it has been played for the past month.


For example, do I want to see chocolate shaped like bells and snowmen when I need to be buying chocolate ghosts and pumpkins for trick-or-treaters? Similarly, I don’t want to hear jingle bells in November either. Please, preserve the beauty of the fall, don’t remind me that in two months time I’ll be shoveling out my car.

Money, money, and more money, that’s what it’s all becoming. Stores set out Christmas stuff way too early so people will buy more. Musicians get their music played early so they can reap more of the benefits.


Then when the Christmas season actually rolls around, we’re sick of it all and just want to open the presents and relax with the family.


Now we’re in December. Turn on your Christmas lights, light the Menorah, and let the festivities abound. Now is the time for all that, not two months beforehand.


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