By Lilly Devine

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Pumpkin Spice Lattes – Tis’ the season for apple picking, costume shopping and of course, pumpkin everything. Coffee shops have been taken over by this trend and Bridgewater State University students are the victims. Starbucks in the Maxwell Library has been advertising pumpkin spice lattes since the first week of classes and now that the weather is cooling down, it’s time for Fall to kick into gear. Coffee isn’t all that’s on the pumpkin menu. Dunkin Donuts on campus has everything pumpkin, from bagels to muffins to even donuts. So now when you need a festive fix, think about going to the campus Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts to grab a pumpkin item.

Bridgewater students enjoy the Starbucks; Spiced Pumpkin Latte during the fall season. Emily Wiegand photo.

Riding Boots – Fall, is one of the best seasons for fashion. Scarves, sweaters and boots are the main pieces you must own to be complete this season. Riding boots have already started to make an impact on campus. From black to brown to knee-high, riding boots come in all sizes and colors. Wear riding boots with leggings, jeans and maybe a skirt, depending on the New England weather.


@BSUBananaEaters – If you’re involved in the Twitter world, you might have seen retweets and tags involving bananas. There has been a BSU Twitter phenomenon called @BSUBananaEaters that posts pictures of students eating bananas with a variety of appropriate (or inappropriate) captions. Students can tag the page with pictures that they have taken and @BSUbananaeaters will retweet them. So if you’re grabbing a banana  at ECC, you might want to think twice, or grab a knife to cut it up on the way out, before you end up on Twitter.


Breaking Bad – This past Sunday was the end of an era. Breaking Bad, the hit AMC show has come to end after five seasons, where the finale was too good to be true. The finale will have you be talking about it for a while. Walt and Jesse will be missed, but it was great while it lasted. If you can’t get enough of Breaking Bad, the seasons are on Netflix so you’ll never have go through withdrawals again.


iOS7- September 18th, the day the technology world changed. Almost two weeks ago, Apple released iOS7, a new software update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. Not only did the design change, but it features some adjustments. Now with iOS7, dragging your finger up from the bottom brings up a quick menu for common function access. Menu features include wifi availability, turn on airplane mode, accessing the camera, calculator and even the new flashlight (without downloading the app). If you haven’t download iOS7, there is a chance your device will become slower and newly purchased devices will have iOS7 already downloaded.


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