Alumni Park Press Box Damaged by Arson

By Elizabeth Sekkes

Comment Staff

The Bridgewater State University (BSU) Police Department is currently investigating an arson report which occurred on the campus of BSU at Alumni Park.

BSU Police have yet to learn the identity of the perpetrator and also do not know when the incident took place.

On March 14, the BSU Police sent an email out to students that an unknown person ignited two flags within the press box of the Alumni Park softball field, thus damaging the structure’s ceiling, as well as its electrical box.

While still under investigation, the BSU Police strongly encourage students to promptly report any signs of fire on campus, as well as any suspicious behavior.

Moreover, BSU Police advise students to quickly evacuate any buildings in the event of a triggered fire alarm. They also encourage students to keep low to the ground in a smoke filled area, and to be well informed as to all its exits and escape routes.

The actions of the perpetrator have been met with varying reactions by the Bridgewater State student body.

Erika Monfort, a senior corporate communications major,expressed concern for the situation.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with these kids,” Monfort said. “Maybe he was bored, but there’s too many clubs and organizations on this campus for him to be bored. Maybe this is a cry for help.”

In contrast, Jayson Fuller, a freshman elementary education major, was amused by the actions.

“I didn’t hear about it except for now,” Fuller said. “But I think it’s pretty funny, personally. That sucks for whoever has to repair it, but it’s still pretty funny. I’d like to meet whoever did it. I’d like to take him out for a beer.”

Brittany Dunn, a junior criminal justice major, echoed Monfort’s sentiments that perhaps the perpetrator is lonely.

“I feel like he’s desperate for attention,” said Dunn. “It’s just unnecessary.”

Besides the damage that was done to the call box, nobody at the location was hurt.

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