Cheap Chic: How to stay on budget and up with the trends

By Brooke Bigda

Comment Contributor

As college students, it is important that we do our best to save money. However, its difficult to keep up with the latest fashion finds when sticking to a tight budget. After doing extensive research, I have discovered various ways to save money on your next shopping spree.
The first step on your mission to finding the perfect pieces for your Fall wardrobe is finding stores that will have what you need at low prices. For the fashionistas who crave the latest styles, I recommend stores like H&M and Forever21. They have amazing clothes at affordable prices and always have new shipments of merchandise based on the newest trends.
Many college students have benefited from shopping at consignment stores or thrift shops. Most consignment shops sells pieces in new or great condition. Stores such as Hidden Treasure Quality Consignments in Bridgewater have fantastic clothes at fabulous prices.
The first outfit I put together used a button down blouse with a peter pan collar. To add some spark to this shirt, I would pair with a sweater and a bib necklace. A great way to save money and add a unique twist to this look is adding a summer skirt. Skirts are great transitional pieces that will not only create a dressy look to your casual outfit, but will also be worn in multiple ways that will suit any season. To top off this look, go for Fall footwear like cute ankle boots or flats.

Photo by Brooke Bigda.
Photo by Brooke Bigda.

Another very popular trend when layering is taking a flannel shirt and tying it around your waist. You can even wear your flannel shirt under a sweater or pullover. This outfit is a great example of the latest layered trend of 2014.

Photo by Brooke Bigda.
Photo by Brooke Bigda.

You can go to Forever21 and get a pullover and a flannel shirt both at an affordable price.
When putting these outfits together, it is very important to remember that you keep within your budget. If you see an outfit in a magazine that you love or you come across a piece that will create the perfect look for a special occasion, there will always be a less expensive option. Why get a top that costs your whole paycheck, when you could just buy one similar to it that won’t break the bank? Get your fashion fix by following these steps and save some cash.

Brooke Bigda is a Comment Contributor.

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