FLAG Program offers BSU students career success

By Stephanie Dawber

News Editor

Since 2008, the highly popular Financial Literacy and Giving (FLAG) program has been regularly offered at Bridgewater State University. FLAG is an eight-week certificate program that provides lessons real-world topics, such as how to make make wise investments, maintain your online identity, and how to choose a career.

The overall purpose of FLAG is to offer financial knowledge and to enhance BSU students’ decision-making skills so that they will be empowered to make wise and informed decisions throughout their lives. Students that complete the FLAG program receive certificates of financial literacy that can boost resumes.

In response to student demand, the FLAG program is being offered as an online course this semester. On Oct. 16, 29 students signed up for Fall 2014 FLAG, which started on Blackboard.

“FLAG is open to all BSU students from all academic majors. Students who sign up for FLAG usually have a number of questions: How do I budget my money wisely? How can I save more? What can I do to improve my credit score? How do I start my own business?” said Dr. Margaret Brooks, Professor of Economics. “Through a series of presentations and practical exercises, students learn the answers to these and other questions, and in the process they build their financial capability.”

Students can expect the FLAG Program to provide a rotating weekly schedule of instructors that represent several academic disciplines. Brooks, Dr. Ilter Bakkal and Dr. Shannon Donovan are representing the Economics and Accounting and Finance Departments, and will be the instructors for the course, along with guest contributors from the Bridgewater Credit Union.

“This approach is beneficial to students because it brings a variety of interesting perspectives to the program.  FLAG is unique because in addition to the financial basics, students also learn to think about how their spending, charitable, and business activities can impact others in their communities,” said Brooks.

On Dec. 11, all students who have completed the Fall 2014 FLAG program on Blackboard will be invited and encouraged to attend the certificate award ceremony. In addition, the generosity of FLAG sponsors, such as Bridgewater Credit Union and the BSU Foundation, will be recognized.

“The Bridgewater Credit Union has been a generous sponsor and contributor to the FLAG program,” said Brooks. “The Bridgewater State University Foundation has also provided significant funding for the FLAG program since its inception.”


Stephanie Dawber is the News Editor of The Comment. Follow her on Twitter @StephanieDawber.


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