Travel Ban Impacts Students

By Nikyla Vines

Staff Writer

Before anything else, let’s recall that this entire capitalist nation was built on the innovation and drive of a number of immigrants: which as we know included the mass killings of the indigenous people. Nevertheless, the country that we live in today addresses men who immigrated as the “Founding Fathers.”

So what exactly is up with this “travel ban?”

News sources, such as CNN, have called the so-called travel ban a Muslim Ban. As that is what it is, essentially, and as citizens who watched Donald Trump address the American people during his campaign, we also know that President Trump has a specific and very open distaste for the followers of Islam. Among all of the ignorant, and hateful things that have spewed from his mouth, this has got to be one of the worst. The creation of generalizations of people such as this one is what divides our nation.

Some see this ban as a very helpful and beneficial move, even those who aren’t necessarily Republicans or supporters of our new president. This being not only because of the terrorist attacks that we have experienced committed by followers of Islam, but also because said countries were on President Obama’s watch list.

But how can we turn our back on our Muslim brothers and sisters in such a way? How can we combine church and state? How can we act as though a majority of Muslims are a detrimental part of our society? We’ve experienced hate and closed mindedness from both religions.

However, it’s just as ignorant for President Trump to believe that it is OK to target entire countries and all people of a religion because of the radicalists who have committed acts of terrorism in the U.S. It’s not the decision of a few men to decide to shun a number of countries, destroy families, and call out a people as a whole for what only a small percentage of those people have done. The decision lacks morals, values, and humanity in general, especially considering the people who have become valid citizens of the United States and can’t come back from a trip to their home country.

President Trump has made hateful, negative, or just completely ignorant statements or gestures towards a number of people (Muslims, Mexicans, women, Russia, etc.) For one, a number of attacks by followers of Islam have been from citizens of the United States born on United States soil.

Beyond anything that the new POTUS has or is working to accomplish, he is creating hate towards himself and the United States of America. He is creating hate from the people that he has directly affected, he is creating hate from people who know someone who is directly affected or who have any sense of humanity, he may even be creating hate from other countries who can’t believe that someone would have the audacity to create such a ban and discriminate so openly against these people. Not only this, but what does this teach kids growing up in a nation where we don’t accept Muslims or people from certain countries? Taught ignorance has a rippling effect.

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