Resources for students as the semester comes to a close

By Marissa Bean

The Academic Achievement Center is one of many resources available to students on campus.

As the fall semester starts to wind down, students are becoming more stressed. With finals rapidly approaching and a huge number of assignments adding up, it can be difficult for students to keep up.

Bridgewater State University (BSU) offers a number of resources designed to help students do their best as another semester ends.

One of the largest resources available to all students is the Academic Achievement Center (AAC). Located on the ground floor of the Maxwell Library, the AAC offers a number of academic services in a variety of subjects.

The AAC hosts the Writing Studio, Academic Research and Coaching, Math Service, Second-Language Services, Communication Lab, Accounting and Finance Lab, as well as Testing Services and the Disability Resources Office.

Sophomore Jen Dowling is a Writing Fellow in the Writing Studio. Dowling works with on English class through the semester, but she had advice for students in other courses looking for assistance.

“In the Studio we have Writing Consultants. People who are having trouble with a paper–whether it be starting it, structuring it or putting the final touches on it–consultants will help,” Dowling said.

There are limits to the services available to students.

“I think it is important to say we do not proof-read papers,” Dowling said. “We will provide feedback to help students that visit the Studio grow as writers. We will explain how to do something but will not do it for someone.”

Students looking to utilize the services available should plan ahead.

In the Writing Studio, “we take walk ins but it is better to make an appointment because it can get really busy, especially towards the end of the semester, and making an appointment guarantees you with a half hour consultation with a consultant,” Dowling said.

Another helpful service for students is the Counseling Center. It is located in the Wellness Center in Weygand Hall, and it is open to all students.

According to the center’s website, the mission of the Counseling Center is to “offer counseling services to students experiencing adjustment and psychological difficulties and to support the BSU community to help a diverse student population achieve academic and personal success.”

The Counseling Center provides counseling for a number of different issues common to college students. These issues include feelings of anxiety or depression, homesickness, academic concerns, concerns about relationships, and other issues.

Students can make appointments or attend the walk-in hours from 12 to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Students with emergencies are encouraged to call 911 or BSU police at 508-531-1212.

Marissa Bean is the Campus Life editor for The Comment. Follow her on Twitter @MarLaur16.

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