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Queen Elizabeth II becomes longest reigning British monarch

  • On September 9th, Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch in British history at approx. sixty-three and a half years, surpassing her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria. The Queen is currently eighty-nine years old, and became the Queen of England in 1952, when she was only twenty-six.

Obama looks to aid Syrian refugees

  • President Barack Obama recently said that the U.S. has to do more to aid Syrian refugees looking to flee their home country. Syria has been in the midst of a civil war now for four years, with the Islamic State now also occupying a large majority of the Eastern region of Syria.


Muslim teenager brings homemade clock to school, gets arrested after teacher thinks it’s a bomb

  • Muslim teenager, Ahmed Muhammad, was arrested this Monday in his hometown of Irving, Texas, after coming into school with a digital clock that he made out of a pencil case. He was arrested after his teacher thought that his homemade clock looked like a bomb. The story began trending on Twitter, with many people claiming racism caused the arrest. Since then, Ahmed has received a swell of support, including a tweet from President Obama, who invited the teenager to bring his clock to the White House.

Ben Carson closing in on Trump in GOP polls

  • According to the Huffington Post, Neurosurgeon, Ben Carson, has been surging in national GOP primary polls in the past few weeks, to the point where he is now nearly even with current front-runner, Donald Trump.


Ortiz hits 500th home run

  • Boston Red Sox DH, David Ortiz, hit his 500th home run on Saturday against the Tampa Bay Rays, which makes him only the 27th player ever to reach that career milestone.

Whitey Bulger biopic to be released this weekend, Sept. 18

  • Black Mass, a biopic based on notorious Boston organized crime leader, Whitey Bulger, will be released to much anticipation this Friday, Sept. 18. The movie is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Dick lehr, which was published in 2002.

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