Program Council prepares to host upcoming open house

Marissa Bean
Campus Life Editor

SpringFest, bingo, open mic nights, homecoming…

You’ve probably been to many of these campus events, but how much do you know about the organization that hosts them all?

Program Council (PC) is the organization that hosts the events that you know and love, and they would love to meet you at their open house on Oct. 6. The open house is being held in the PC office in the RCC from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The organization’s president, Rachel Wood, hopes that the open house will be a learning experience for those who attend.

“I want them to learn more about what PC is and how they can get involved,” Wood said. “Even just learning where our office is; a lot of people don’t know we have our own office.”

This is Wood’s first year as Program Council’s president, and she said it’s been a learning experience so far.

Wood said, “I’m new to being president this year, so it’s a lot of learning and going with the flow and learning as I go. There’s definitely been a lot of little things this semester, it’s like, ‘Oh, I have to do this.’ It’s learning process.”

“My whole executive board has my back. They’re willing to help me with whatever I need…Even the general members are looking for more ways to help,” she said.

The role of president has a number of responsibilities.

“I hold the general meetings as well as the executive board meetings. I’ll oversee the vice president’s and delegate off different tasks, step in when needed,” Wood said. “My role is going to outside meetings with other people, whether it be for co-sponsoring or anything along those lines. It’s kind of making sure everyone is always where they’re supposed to be.”

Program Council consists of a number of different, smaller committees. Each one has its own role in the organization and is responsible for different types of events.

Wood said, “We do an event calendar at the beginning of the year, and we have our different programming committees.”

“We have cultural, and the cultural chair will focus on the cultural meetings.”

We have BEAN, which stands for Bridgewater Entertaining at Night, like open mic and events such as that. We have showcase which focuses on different performers, like comedians, singers, things like that.”

“We have the traditions chairs, which focus on Homecoming and SpringFest mainly.”

“We have the special events co-chairs. One focuses on off-campus events, like the Red Sox game we just went to, or the upcoming trip to Canobie Lake Park. We have another special events co-chair that focuses on the on-campus events, like bingos, game shows, things along those lines.”

“Each of the committee co-chairs will focus specifically on that topic, and that’s how we decide the types of events that we put on.”

The number of members in the organization has grown in recent years.

“I feel like the attendance has grown so much since I was a freshman,” Wood said. “I love seeing that. Just this year alone, we’ve been having a great attendance turnout, and that makes me really happy to see more people interested in programming. Most of them are freshman. So many of them are eager to get involved and learn about what PC is.”

Jen Dowling, a sophomore, has been involved with PC for more than a year.

“I joined PC last semester as a freshman, and it automatically felt like I was at home,” said Dowling. “These people are my really good friends, and I love all the programs we put on, and I love programming.”

Sophomore Henry Le sees his involvement in PC as a way to do something other than homework.

“I first joined PC this time last year, at the same time as Jen,” Le said. “Since my freshman year, I’ve attended bingo events and so many other events … it’s fun. As a student, it’s an opportunity to have some fun, and to take a step away from schoolwork and have fun with it.”

Sophomore Emily Meehan enjoys the fact that she gets to meet all sorts of new people through PC.

Meehan said, “It’s a really good way to get involved. You not only know the people in the actual organization, but you get to know people outside the organization through co-sponsorships. Everyone is very welcoming and willing to invite you places…It’s a really good way to hold higher positions. You learn a lot just by being in PC and it makes you want to hold higher positions.”

“I just really like how you’re able to get involved so fast, just by volunteering for events,” Meehan said. “It’s an easy way to do something different instead of just going back to your dorm and doing homework. You can be involved in the event and meet people through that.”

Dowling and Meehan serve as co-chairs of the Traditions committee.

Dowling said, “We are in charge of planning Homecoming and Spring Fest… Because it’s a week-long event, a major event, we spend a lot of time prepping for it.”

Homecoming begins on Oct. 20, and Family Day is being held on Oct. 24.

Both Dowling and Meehan thoroughly enjoy their roles on the executive board, and they are in charge of planning two very popular events.

“We are in charge of planning Homecoming and Spring Fest.  Because it’s a week-long event, a major event, we spend a lot of time prepping for it.” Dowling said.

Meehan said, “All of our time is dedicated to that.”

Marissa Bean is the Campus Life Editor for The Comment. Follow her on Twitter @MarLaur16.

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