Why all college students should strive to learn something new everyday

Ceilidh Adams
Opinion Editor

“What did you learn in school today?” Growing up, my mum learned very quickly to stop asking me this question, frankly because she didn’t need to. Everyday, as soon as I got home from school, I would tell her.

I would tell her about how I loved The Great Gatsby or about how I thought chemistry was boring but important- I would even show her what I learned in math class that day. And after a while, my poor mum learned to stop asking me about what I learned in school that day. She realized that I loved learning about things, even if I didn’t like them.

I have always loved learning, I believe so deeply that learning and education can really make a person go far in life. I strive so hard to learn something new everyday- it doesn’t have to be a fact, sometimes I learn that being an adult is hard. Sometimes I learn to fail.

Learning is all about exploring life and diving right in. Want to learn something new everyday? Challenge yourself, push yourself everyday.

Want to learn more about life? Ask the parents, guardians, grandparents, family members or adults in your life about their life experiences. What was it like for them growing up? How did they overcome certain challenges? Learning more about life and how to deal with these challenges can be important and interesting too.

Factually speaking, one way that you can learn something new is to go out of your way to learn new things. I absolutely adore listening to Podcasts, because I always learn something new from listening to one.

I also learn new things from reading. If you know me, you know that I always have a book in my hand. Reading a book on a subject that you are unfamiliar with can help you to learn about this subject in many different ways.

Not a fan of reading? Don’t sweat it. The internet is a wonderful resource for education and learning. By simply putting something like a question or a subject that you are interested in in a Google search, you can find articles, videos, pictures, and much, much more.

Lastly, you can learn about different subjects or facts from your friends, classmates, or people your age that surround you. I know that I have friends from all sorts of different backgrounds and whom have a range of different majors, and by asking them about what they are learning about, I can learn something that I had never even thought about before.

Similarly, I have friends from different religious backgrounds, and most of my friends actually live in a different state than me, so one way to learn something new is to ask your friends about these things that make them who they are. If they are completely comfortable talking about it, I ask them about these things so that I can learn first-hand more about the world and the different people in it.

I personally believe that we are put on this earth, and while I’m here I might as well learn everything I can about it. Learning is so important because it helps us to understand people better, it helps us not to make mistakes that other people made in the past, but most importantly, learning helps us to be the best people that we can be.

So go on, read a book about the Civil War, or listen to a podcast about Hula-Hoops. Answer that question “What did you learn today?” with pride. Go on, explore the world, and learn about it. Who knows, your views about the world that we live in might change along the way.

Ceilidh Adams is the Opinion Editor for The Comment.

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