Thanksgiving at Bridgewater State University is marked by a generous gesture by the university’s Social Justice League (SJL), Athletics Department , Campus Recreation, and Community Service Center.

Members of the Bridgewater community come out to cheer on runners at last year's Turkey Trot. Community Service Center - Photo.
Members of the Bridgewater community come out to cheer on runners at last year’s Turkey Trot. Community Service Center – Photo.


The gesture comes in the form of BSU’s third annual Turkey Trot, scheduled for Saturday, November 23.


The event begins at 1 p.m. at the Burnell Center and ends at 4 p.m. There will also be a elementary age book collection for the children.


The third Annual Turkey Trot is a 5k run and 3k walk at Bridgewater State, with proceeds going directly to The Family Life Center in Brockton.


The Family Life Center is home to thirteen families and is a supportive transitional housing program. The program acknowledges the importance of nurturing and family in the development of children and works closely with parents to preserve family structure and unity.


All of the proceeds from registrations will go to The Family Center, along with donations for a book drive. The event is also hosting a food drive as the food pantry is running low.


Rose Gage, Assistant Director of the Community Service Center, loves how involved everyone is during the event, from student volunteers, to BSU staff, and to the Family Life Center families.


“Everyone gets decked out, we share a meal, and it’s a really fun community event,” Gage said.


Student volunteers, primarily from SJL, BSU Athletics and the Community Service Center will be volunteering to staff the event and serve lunch, face paint, and do arts and crafts activities with families.


The BSU sports teams have also made food baskets which will be given out to the families.


Marybeth Lamb, Director of Athletics, is very pleased by the amount of effort students have put into this year’s Turkey Trot. She loves that BSU sports teams have taken a very active, hands on approach in completing community service.


“Everyone is so involved,” Lamb said. “Community service is embraced by student athletes. I came in last week to all of these baskets overflowing with food.”


Last year the event raised a total of $1400 to support The Family Life Center and each family was presented a food basket.


Registration to run or walk is available online on and is $20. Prizes will be awarded to the fastest runners and best-dressed turkey costumes.

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