Annual theater festival showcases student talent

By Molly Bello

Comment Staff

Play production is a difficult process, with months to prepare and lots of hard work. Student-run plays are on a whole new level.

The BAM! Festival is a student-run series of performances put on with the guidance of faculty members at Bridgewater State University.

The shows are on Feb. 26, 27, 28, March 1 and 2 in the Rondileau Campus Center Auditorium. The shows costs $15 for the general public, and $10 for students.

“BAM!, unlike typical theater performances is unique because it’s put together and performed by students,” said Danni Vitorino, a senior theater major and one of the student directors for this year’s festival. “It’s our student festival where we can take on roles such as a student director, and learn that specific area of theater. It’s an amazing experience. Not many universities have or do something like this so I’m truly humbled to have a part in it.”

This year the two shows are, “The Star-Spangled Girl” by Neil Simon, and “Much Ado About a Dream” by Micaela Kluver and Corey Cadigan.
“Obviously, it’s hard work but I think the journey of it all is very much worth it in the end,” said Vitorino, who is directing “The Star Spangled Girl.”

“The Star Spangled Girl” is about two broke best friends living in San Francisco in the 1960s. However, a third character comes into play to give more interest to the story.
“It’s essentially a warm comedy about a love triangle, although others may see it as a ‘quadrangle,’” Vitorino said.
Sophomore theater major Frankie Iaquinta is acting in the “Star Spangled Girl,” playing one of the lead roles as Andy Hobart.

“I’m definitely most excited to go up on stage, have fun for a few hours, and hope that people leave feeling well entertained,” Iaquinta said.
The whole festival is student-run, with original works written by students, directed by students, and acted by students.

“[The main difference between BAM! and other shows] is that it’s 2 shows running in a repertory style and is student directed,” Junior theater major Joe Reynolds said. “Students should see it because it is one of the only things on campus where you can really see BSU students putting their education into practice right before everyone’s eyes.”

The students involved with BAM! are all enthusiastic about this year’s performances.
“I’d say it’s worthwhile for students to come see BAM! because its a student-run event and why not go support your fellow students?” Iaquinta said. “Why not change it up one night and go see a play?”

Bridgewater State University - Photo BAM! presents two performances written, directed, and acted by students.
Bridgewater State University – Photo
BAM! presents two performances written, directed, and acted by students.

The festival is beneficial both for students viewing the performances, and the students participating.
“I’ve learned so much as a performer as well as a theater lover working with my cast and crew,” Vitorino said. “They are so collaborative and fun to work with.”

Molly Bello is a The Comment’s Living-Arts Editor. Email her at

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