Paris Fashion Week Inspires Students

By Lilly Devine

Comment Staff

Paris Fashion Week is perhaps the most influential part of Fashion Month. Lilly Devine - Photo
Paris Fashion Week is perhaps the most influential part of Fashion Month.
Lilly Devine – Photo

Paris, one of the fashion capitals of the world, is known for being best dressed. From their high end fashion of Chanel and Louis Vuitton to the trendy stores we have here in the United States, they dress to impress.

This week wraps up Fashion Week where final shows take place in Paris, ending on March 5.

Designers participating in Paris Fashion Week are Donna Karen New York, J.Crew, Rachel Zoe and Ralph Lauren.

As Fashion Week draws to a close, Bridgewater State University senior marketing major Paige Denis reflects on all the fashion shows that occurred in the past month.

“I loved the Oscar De La Renta black and white polka dot dress,” Denis said. “Cara Delevinge looked amazing in the Burberry show.”

So with the final show being in Paris, it brings up the question of what is the difference between Paris and United States fashion? Women wear similar styles to the way females do in America, wearing international brands such as H&M and Zara.

Bridgewater State student and communication studies major Olivia Fitzgerald, who recently went on a study abroad tour to France, did notice some fashion differences while in France as she was exposed to the sophisticated fashion found in Paris.

“Everyone looks so good and put together all the time, it’s hard to find that back home,” Fitzgerald said.

Paris is known for its high-end fashion. Lilly Devine - Photo
Paris is known for its high-end fashion.
Lilly Devine – Photo

Women in Paris have a more natural look with long hair and no heavy makeup. Short hair isn’t as popular as it is here in the U.S. where there is more of an equal ratio between the two hairstyles.

Men would wear heavy sweaters and scarves, where it would be rare to see a male student at Bridgewater State wearing a scarf or even a sweater.

Most males at Bridgewater State will wear a hoodie and jeans to class because it is quick and effortless.

There are also a good amount of athletes on campus so it is common to see workout gear worn by students.

For athletic apparel in Paris, Nike is at the top of the list and just as popular as it is in America.

It is very likely that when walking around the BSU campus, you will notice that most will be dressed comfortably to just to go to class and then go home. It is just easier to do this than take the effort to dress up, however, the population of Paris may take the extra time to dress up for the day.

Sweatpants are always an option and throwing on a hoodie won’t kill you, but you will not find anyone wearing yoga pants in Paris.

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