Positivity is an important trait that can benefit students in many ways

Michael Rooney
Staff Writer


It is seven in the morning on a Monday. My alarm sounds loudly, and as I reach to hit the snooze button, I tell myself I will sleep for five more minutes. Of course, after a relaxing weekend, I would much rather sleep late instead of going to my first class of the day at eight in the morning.

Now, you might ask, how exactly do I get myself out of bed to get ready to go to my class? Well, even though I may have hit the snooze button at least once, I do not think negatively about how dreadful getting out of bed will be. Instead, I tell myself that it is time to go to my classes and continue on the journey to earning my degree.

Whether I did not do well on an exam, I am stressed by a mountain of homework, or I am working countless hours to the point where I have no free time, I try to maintain a positive attitude. Maintaining a positive attitude is how I like to live my life because it creates a long chain of benefits.

By having a positive mindset, you may find that you are much more motivated and procrastinating less. For example, if I have multiple essays to write in one night, I remind myself of the fact that I like to write. This way, I will be less stressed and I will be able to finish my assignments much sooner.

Not only will that entire night of writing seem like nothing in the end, but the motivation will also lead to increased determination. In my case, I will want to work diligently and this will make me more likely to succeed on all of my essays.

We all have instances where we are brought down by something. Maybe you have done poorly on an exam, you were cut by a sports team, or you are dealing with drama from friends and family. However, positive thoughts will make you feel less upset over it. You will be able to focus more on how to resolve the issue so that you can make right as opposed to thinking about the problems you are facing.

Another way that having a positive attitude helps you is that people will most likely notice your attitude and look up to you for it. In other words, you may influence them to have the same attitude. In fact, someone could be having a terrible day and you could easily turn that around with your mindset.

In addition, positivity is the key to healthy friendships. Laughing with someone, doing your favorite activities together, being there for each other and always being happy to have each other’s company is possibly the best friendship you can have that can last a lifetime.

With a positive attitude comes countless assets. Further, with all of these benefits in mind comes the most important advantage of all: a significantly improved happiness within yourself. This happiness makes you truly appreciate everything you have in your life, such as accomplishments, recognition, and amazing peers.

If you ever have a bad day, just remember that not everything in life is supposed to be perfect. However, the way you think in your mind is what will truly determine your attitude. No matter what the circumstances are, you can still find something that you can think confidently about.

Michael Rooney is a Staff Writer for The Comment.

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