BSU hosting new art exhibit in Wallace L. Anderson Gallery

By Maxine Cohen

Comment Contributor

Photo by Christina Oullette.
Photo by Christina Oullette.

Wallace L. Anderson Gallery, located in the Art Center on the Bridgewater State University campus, is hosting a new kind of exhibit this week. Boston-based artists Dana Woulfe and Kenji Nakayama will be collaborating on a mural, titled Under Creation, using various techniques of theirs.
Woulfe and Nakayama are no strangers to each other, working together since about 2009. Among their various projects, each artist brings their unique style to this current project.
The theme of the work is abstract, and when asked what the plan was, Nakayama said, “Our plan is to not have a plan,” explaining that they aren’t working under limitations, but experimenting till they figure it out.
Woulfe added to that, “We know how to work off of each other. Our first steps are usually kind of make a mess together in some sort of direction and then figure it out from there.”
With such freedom for movement, who knows what the final piece will be from these two.
Artwork will primarily be done with acrylic paint, spray paint, and enamel, using techniques gained from years of experience, such as abstract pinstriping and spray painting.
Woulfe, at one point, was working on spreading paint around on canvas with a broom. These artists clearly plan to get creative for Under Creation. Both men are friendly and very humble as they work together.
Arguably the best part of this exhibit is the ability for students to come to Anderson to view the artists as they work, starting from October 6 to October 10. The artists’ Reception will take place on Thursday, Oct. 9, from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Anderson Gallery.
The mural will be showcased all the way until Nov. 6 for all to enjoy. The Wallace L. Anderson Gallery is located on 40 School Street, Bridgewater, Mass and is open to the public Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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