Greek Life at Bridgewater is not what Hollywood says it is

By Kayla Lemay

Comment Staff

The four sororities gather on the Boyden steps to celebrate Bid Day, when new members join. Maribeth Johnson-Flakes - Photo.
The four sororities gather on the Boyden steps to celebrate Bid Day, when new members join. Maribeth Johnson-Flakes – Photo.

“Ask me about my wiener!”

When you think of Greek life, movies like Accepted, which is quoted above, is probably what you think of. Hilarious, right? But also sad, that the poor guy has to deal with that humiliation.

You also think of crazy parties where people throw things around, break things, and get into illegal drugs, among other things.

What if I told you that definitely is not Greek life at Bridgewater State University?

At the beginning of the month, I went through formal recruitment and joined a sorority. Those of you that know me would be shocked to hear this.

I entered college adamantly against Greek life, claiming sororities were for stuck-up prep girls who just wanted to party and sleep around. I was mean about it, even going so far as to roll my eyes and scoff at passing sorority girls.

Little did I know, the sorority women at Bridgewater State, and even across the country, were nothing like this at all. They have serious values, and Hollywood got them all wrong.

The Greek life at Bridgewater State is filled to the brim with people from all walks of life – race, socioeconomic class, sexuality, and any number of things that makes someone an individual.

‘But what about the hazing?’ You may ask.

There is none. Bridgewater State has a very strict zero-tolerance policy for hazing. It’s even a law in the state of Massachusetts.

One of the first things I was told upon joining the sorority was to immediately speak up if I felt pressured to do anything. Needless to say, hazing will have some serious consequences.

‘Aren’t you just paying for your friends?’ Is another question you’re probably asking.

The short answer is no. I’m paying to join an organization that allows me to volunteer for causes I care about. It just so happens that there are nearly 80 other girls that care about the same cause and choose to volunteer as well.

Naturally, when you spend so much time with a certain group of people, you get more comfortable and even make friends because of it.

This is my second semester of my junior year, so if you’re worried about joining late – don’t be. They are accepting of every person, class, or major. Just because you might be an upperclassman, or a commuter, doesn’t mean you can’t join greek life.

As long as you’re passionate and want to achieve things with your life, then you will find a home in one of the four sororities, four fraternities, and one co-ed fraternity we have here at Bridgewater State.

There is no cookie-cutter sorority girl or fraternity guy, not on this campus. I would know, because I can now proudly call myself one.

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