Hunt Hall closed for smoke damage repairs

By Stephanie Dawber

News Editor

Firefighters rush to Hunt Hall because of hazardous smoke due to welding device in class. Photo by Stephanie Dawber.
Firefighters rush to Hunt Hall because of hazardous smoke due to welding device in class. Photo by Stephanie Dawber.


Eva Gaffney, the Director of Integrated Marketing and Communications, issued a press release regarding the fire in Hunt Hall, located on School St. on Wed. Feb. 25.

According to the press release, “A safety device used to contain sparks in an art laboratory where students weld sculptures consumed and extinguished a spark during a noontime class.”

Although the safety fume hood worked, the one-room laboratory experienced significant smoke damage. An hour after the incident, heavy smoke was still escaping through the ventilation system out of Hunt Hall. The press release did not report any structural damage.

“No one was injured as Hunt Hall was safely cleared of all students, faculty and staff by the BSU Police Department,” stated the release. “Fire departments from the towns of Bridgewater and East Bridgewater responded to mitigate damage to the building as well as assess and clear the scene.”

Within 30 minutes of the incident, a restoration company was on scene for smoke removal and cleanup, and will continue its work until the building can be reopened.

Lastly, the release announced that Hunt “may reopen as early as [Thursday] morning.” Meanwhile, classes were relocated or cancelled.

Affected students and faculty were contacted about the changes. Hunt Hall serves as a multi-purpose building for art classes, academic and administrative offices, and general classrooms. The damaged laboratory is located on the ground floor in the rear of the building.


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