New York Fashion Week full of surprises

mandiberg - Photo  Used under the Creative Commons License  Designers present their fall 2014 collections in February to give professionals time to try out the clothes.
mandiberg – Photo
Used under the Creative Commons License
Designers present their fall 2014 collections in February to give professionals time to try out the clothes.

By Lilly Devine
Comment Staff

Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week (NYFW) 2014 was Feb. 6-13, which included the best designers from all over the world. It was a week to remember, sampling fall and winter pieces for this upcoming year.

Celebrities such as Harry Styles, Lil Kim and Anna Kendrick were in attendance along with many other A-Listers. Kendall Jenner, who is part of the Kardashian family, walked the Marc Jacobs show for her modeling debut where her ensembles stirred up controversy.

Famous model Cara Delevingne, took the first ever runway selfie video, where she took a camera down the runway with her while walking at Giles Deacon’s LFW show. She also announced she will collaborate with Mulberry to start her own handbag line.

When asked what handbag is her favorite she said, “It’s like asking someone to pick a favorite child.”
Some shows were able to excite some students at Bridgewater State University, while other shows left them wanting more.

“Michael Kors would have to be my favorite show,” said junior business management major Alisha McCrohan. “He had a great use of dresses and skirts for the working girl.”
One show that did not receive high regards was Betsey Johnson’s collection. Johnson is known for being crazy and outgoing, but ever since she declared bankruptcy last spring, things haven’t been the same.

“Out of all shows, Betsey Johnson’s collection is a disaster and the clothes this year are awful,” McCrohan said.
A surprising comeback came from Marc Ecko (remember Ecko Unltd.?), where he dropped his 2014 Cut & Sew collection titled The Teacher. The Student. The Madman. The models of the show wore masks that involved a few emoji faces to cover their faces.

Victoria Beckham also held her winter 2014 show in NYFW which included dresses and skirts, loose sleeveless jackets with slouchy trousers and flats, and oversized coats.

Beckham said she, “likes the element of surprise that you get with something that seems strict from the front but has a cut-away or soft, blouson back.” Color was a main priority, where she wanted the collection to pop, while still keeping it black and white.

While all the attractions stir a lot of buzz, NYFW real impact is the ability to get people to start thinking about what fashion trends lie ahead.
“Fashion week just reminds me that crop top season is among us and there is nothing more special than that,” McCrohan said.

Lilly Devine is a Comment staff writer. Email her at

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