New York Fashion Week kicked off with ’70s and ’90s styles

By Molly Bello

Comment Columnist


What do you get when you cross the Spice Girls and The Brady Bunch? Fall/Winter Fashion Week, that’s what.

Fashion “Month” begins at Lincoln Center in New York City. Shows and presentations are held all day, and into the night.

After New York, shows in London, Milan, and Paris follow. New York Fashion Week set the stage for the whole month, with lots of suede, wide leg pants, and plaid.

2015 is the year of the 1970s revival. The spring shows started it, and the fall shows confirmed it. Turtlenecks galore. Styling them with long structured coats feels vintage and also very right-now.

We are also seeing fringe and flowing unstructured fabrics. These styles are all about comfort and ease, who can’t get behind that?

BCBG Max Azria had turtlenecks, white layers, paisley, thigh-high boots, and fringe.  Zimmerman showed incredible wide brimmed hats and long dresses and jumpsuits.

Bright, bold prints were everywhere during NYFW and continue to prevail this week in London.

Burberry Prorsum mixed the wildest of prints, producing their iconic trenchcoat in a louder, more floral style. They styled it with Lennon round sunglasses, a perfect and welcome homage to a fabulous and freeing time in history. (Almost Famous does a great job of romanticizing it for me).

The big trends of the 90’s have been making their way into the fashion season for the last year or so, and they aren’t going anywhere. Crop tops are still popular, and continue to be reinvented. Plaid, especially in coats, is a dominant print this fall.

Coach presented grunge and attitude. Lots of leather, styled with overlayering in the best way, along with bandanas and combat boots.

“Why 90’s now? In many ways the 90s is a spiritual successor to the counterculture of the late ’60s and early ’70s,” Shopping Editor Steff Yotka wrote in an article. “In both cases youth subcultures rebelled against the mainstream; hippies had Woodstock, and grunge kids and alt skaters had MTV.”

This is my favorite time for fashion, and it reminds us that sometimes in order to move forward, we must also look back. Milan and Paris are left, and with more shows live-streaming online than ever (and snapchat fashion week coverage) we can all feel like part of the magic.


Molly Bello is a Comment Columnist. Follow her on Twitter at @mollybello.


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