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As you enter any new beginning in your life, most people develop a collective list of tasks they hope or wish to accomplish. In this case, whether you be a first year freshman, a transfer student, or just someone who is trying to do things right this semester, it is never too late to get back on track upon the road to success.


While the demands of college life can be overwhelming, and at times seem unrealistic, there are still things you can do to ensure you graduate Bridgewater State University with a solid foundation for your future, and still experience what college life is all about. Incorporating the following five suggestions into your college bucket list will increase your chances of academic, and social-cultural attainment.


1.) Get involved. Ever question what some of those student fees, showing up on your student bill are actually going toward? It pays for organizations, clubs and sports on campus to function and operate. Not only does participation in campus activities enhance your overall college experience, but it also fosters the opportunity to branch out, and meet fellow students. The various activities hosted by BSU students collectively create a campus wide melting pot, rich in diversity. Don’t see anything that inspires your interest? Get creative and establish your own club or organization! The people you meet during activities and events have the potential of making an everlasting impact on your life.


2.) Actively seek internships that are relevant to your major. Let’s face it; no one wants to spend four years at BSU, pursuing a career you soon find to have little interest in upon graduation and job placement. Landing an internship is truly the only way to really find out exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Gaining field experience can also help you decide whether or not the profession of your choice, is actually the one for you. According to Professor Fran Barth, who is the Field Coordinator of BSU’s Psychology Department, “An internship will help kick start your working career.  Those that gain this hands-on experience will have an easier time obtaining job interviews after graduation as well as deciding on the right career path for themselves, than those who never had an internship.”


3.) Give your Resident Assistant a chance. Despite popular belief, RA is not out to get you or to bust you for conduct code violations. In a general statement of duty, the Office of Residence Life and Housing notes the purpose of Resident Associate’s job is to, “Assist residents in meeting their educational, interpersonal and social needs that are relative to their living environment.”  In other words, your RA is an open ear, always willing to listen, an academic mentor, and a mediator that is there to solve problems as they may arise. Introducing yourself to your RA, and actually giving them a chance, is one of the only ways to  fully maximize your living experience here at BSU.


4.) Learn and begin to understand that balance is key to success. During your college years, most will find themselves facing one of the heaviest plate loads they have ever been presented with. How is one supposed to maintain a 4.0, become president of the Student Government Association, complete excessive hours of community service and still remain a social butterfly? Learning how to manage time, before it seems as if the hours of your day have slipped right between the gaps of your fingers is imperative to maximizing your day’s potential. Find a way to prioritize your time in a way that reflects your goals and what you hope to achieve. Did you come here to see how fast you can shotgun a beer, or did you come to earn an education? The choice is yours.

Program Committee hosted their popular event Open Mic and had numerous performers display their artistic talents. Shavon Stokes Photo


5.) Try something new. During college some of us don’t take the time to try new things and figure out who we really are. Have a natural talent for music, but just have never exposed yourself to the crowd? How about attending one of Program Committee’s Open Mic night? This could be the experience that leads you to a road of stardom. Try new things, whether it be food, music, or culture. Whatever it is, try it. That certain something has the capacity to unleash a whole other side of you, that you have been completely unaware of.

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