Unused resources on campus available to students

By Flora Ketchum

Comment Contributor

The Maxwell Library is an underused asset to students, in addition to the Academic Achievement Center, located inside the library.
The Maxwell Library is an underused asset to students, in addition to the Academic Achievement Center, located inside the library.

Bridgewater State has a ton of helpful resources for students and staff that we sometimes forget about or we may not be aware of.

The Academic Achievement Center (AAC), the Maxwell Library, student email, and Bridgewater State University’s (BSU) website are a few to note. These are all resources available to students and staff that are helpful to use in our daily lives.

The Academic Achievement Center is located on the ground floor of the library. They have plenty of resources for students to get help on anything to do with school work.

They offer tutors for math and other subjects, as well as a writing center. BSU students can call ahead to set something up, show up to set up an appointment, and sometimes someone is available on the spot to help you with what you are stuck on.

It is a really great opportunity that is free that most students either don’t take advantage of or don’t really know what it’s all about. If you have a good experience at the AAC or maybe a tutor that you really found helpful, make sure to spread the word to friends and fellow classmates.

A majority of the tutors are other students and it is a very relaxing environment. The tutors are willing to work with your schedule to find something that will fit your spare time.

Another resource to keep in mind for school work is the Maxwell Library homepage. Seems simple enough, but some forget it has many tools to use for research work, as well as a bunch of other resources to help make your papers and projects just the way you want them.

If for some reason you did not learn how to use the search engines on the page, just head down to the Maxwell Library and ask for some help. The librarians and staff love to assist in any way they can.

Student email is something that some students never even check. They think it’s not important or full of junk. This is not true at all.

Using and checking your student email daily is very important and is going to do nothing but help you out. It is a great way to get last minute cancellations from teachers, or even last minute changes in your syllabus.

BSU student email and the BSU website homepage go hand-in-hand, as the BSU website has last minute posts about exciting speakers, activities on campus and other information like scholarship opportunities.

The BSU website homepage also offers class cancellations, student announcements, campus announcements, student employment opportunities and much more.

Checking your student email and the BSU website daily will keep you organized and up to date. Some of these things seem to jump at us at the last minute until we overhear people talking about it. For example, we often forget about registration until the week before it happens.

So go ahead and take advantage of all of these resources to make your education and time here at BSU easier and less stressful.

Flora Ketchum is a Comment Contributor. Editor-in-Chief Greg Dudek edited this story. Email him at gdudek@student.bridgew.edu.

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