BSU seniors need to visit Career Services for a fantastic opportunity

By Kayla Lemay


Career Services is located in RCC008. Photo courtesy of BSU Career Services.
Career Services is located in RCC008. Photo courtesy of BSU Career Services.


For seniors preparing to graduate, the Career Services office in the Rondileau Campus Center (RCC) is full of opportunities.

From job shadows to on-campus interviews, and even a contest where students could win money towards a very nice, tailored business suit, seniors here at Bridgewater State University should be lining up to take these opportunities to further themselves in the real world.

There’s a catch though: you need to make a special appointment to be able to access any of those things.

It’s called a Senior Recruiting appointment. Essentially, you meet for an hour with a Counselor there. They ask that you bring a resume (even if it’s very poorly done!) and be prepared to learn a little, in addition to discussing your goals post-graduation.

During my appointment, I was given a thick packet with all of the opportunities senior recruiting offers, in addition to advice on how to prepare for and rock an interview with a potential employer.

One event I immediately signed up for was the Etiquette Dinner. The deadline to sign up for the event is Oct. 24, and the event itself is on Wednesday, Nov. 5 from 6 to 8 p.m. Students will get a completely free four course meal, and learn how to properly manage themselves at a formal business dinner, including learning the difference between a regular fork and a salad fork (I can’t tell the difference).

There is a job shadow program with plenty of companies, such as Meditech and the MA Department of Corrections at Bridgewater State Hospital, that takes place over Winter Break.

And the best part is, through CareerLink, they will apply to jobs for you.

Companies will ask for resumes from Career Services, and Career Services will send out those that they think best fits the requirements the companies are looking for. All you need to do is go through the Senior Recruiting appointment and then put your resume up on Career Link.

Seniors looking to get a head start on their futures after BSU should get in touch with Career Services, located in the Rondileau Campus Center, Room 008, and make an appointment. They could also call 508-531-1328 or email, and ask to make a Senior Recruiting appointment.

Kayla Lemay is the Editor-in-Chief. Follow her on Twitter @klemay123.

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