Commuters complain about parking lots’ dangerous conditions

By Stephanie Dawber

News Editor

Life before snow was great.

It’s only been a couple months of snow, but sometimes it can feel like a different lifetime.

When surrounded by fellow BSU students, many feel the same way. The snow is affecting all students-but commuters students are especially taking the big hit. Commuter lots, like Spring St. in particular, are often described as “icy,” “slippery” and “dangerous.”

PJ Fay-Waite, an offensive lineman on BSU’s football team, admitted, “I think it’s ridiculous how the parking lots are set up. I think its audacious how they are giving out parking tickets when there are no parking spots due to the snow.”

Likewise, many commuter students are forced to park on restricted yellow lines or snow banks. Cars are still being ticketed, even though there is not enough room for everyone.

Other BSU students are displeased about the commuter parking lots as well. When inspecting Spring St., the sidewalks are covered with ice, forcing students to walk on the street. It is especially difficult to pull onto main roads because the snow restricts drivers’ visions.

Olivia Colon, a freshman studying Criminal Justice, wants BSU to “widen up Spring St. lot, because when you turn with the street being smaller, it’s harder. Also, get rid of the snow piles up on the corners, so you can see oncoming cars.”

Her twin, Emily Colon, who studies Special Education agreed. “BSU could push the snow banks back and add more ice salt, because I almost slipped.”

Emily Colon’s account of nearly slipping is not a rare story. Several students have slipped, shuffled or skid on the icy sidewalks. It’s time for snow to go away and even more importantly, look out for the safety of the BSU community.

Stephanie Dawber is the News Editor of The Comment. Follow her on Twitter @StephanieDawber.


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