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Generation Z. When making reference to this generation, most people, and especially people who belong to previous generations, immediately jump the gun and coin these individuals as lazy, selfish and detrimentally dependent on technology’s recent advancements.


These are the individuals who are born somewhere after 1994 and this fall, the first batch of this particular generation has entered colleges and universities around the country.


There is no arguing whether or not members of Generation Z substitute traditional abilities, such as face to face conversations, and in many ways  have life somewhat easier than did those before. Rather than criticize this particular population for their computerized way of life, recognize and deem this generation accordingly as the technology natives of our time.


Growing up in a society where Apple products, smartphones and high-speed internet was the only way of life ever known, it is hard to hold these individuals responsible for their particular lifestyles.


Individuals belonging to Generation Z have a completely different way of functioning and way of interacting with the world, based upon the specific experiences they have been exposed to growing up in a world essentially run by technology.

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They have adapted to the fast paced and demanding world we live in, and are readily able to employ the benefits of technology.


Rather than undermining this generation for the ways they have forfeited many of their rudimentary abilities in exchange for the use of technology, begin to understand these individuals undoubtedly have the upper hand in society. These individuals will enter the workforce with abundant experience of accessing, utilizing and familiarizing themselves with technology that is needed in every job on the market.


These technology natives will possess the entrepreneurial skills that the current economy desperately needs. The tech savvy students of Generation Z will have an increasing value of time on their hands, due to the way technology has taken over many redundant tasks, providing themselves with ample time for maximum potential.


Students of this generation are accustomed to the various ways technology can be utilized, thus enhancing their overall potential for achievement. We are at a place in time where the ease of accessing various amounts of information has become fundamental for optimal functioning in today’s society.



Instead of undervaluing the members of Generation Z for their reliance on technology, support them for adapting to the rapidly evolving world of technology and have confidence in these leaders of tomorrow.

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