Music is more than just entertainment, it is an integral part of our everyday lives

Michael Rooney
Staff Writer

Ah, the sound of music. The peaceful sounds of instruments and lyrics could make anyone put a colossal smile on their face.

Music is everywhere. No matter where you are, music is most likely coming from somewhere and there are very few places in the world where it could not come from.

What is it about music that makes it one of the most fashionable sources of entertainment? How does music affect so many people’s lives?

Primarily, this form of art does mainly serve as a source of entertainment, but it also shapes social and cultural aspects.

Moreover, bands bring people together in various ways. Music is important to many people because it is their lifestyle. By playing instruments, singing, listening, and attending various types of concerts, people are feeling the effects that music has on them.

In addition, music can be a source of a broad imagination and it can be expanded into many different possibilities; any thought at all could be made into a song. With that being said, song lyrics relate to many different aspects and situations of life, which fascinates listeners.

If you recognize me on campus, you may see me walking to class with my headphones on all the time, even if it is a short walk. When I am driving, I always have the radio on. I usually work out and do my homework while listening to my favorite songs as well.

Above all, rock and roll harmonies and hip hop verses are my motivators. If any genre of music did not exist, I think my life would be completely different. I would not have as strong of a desire to accomplish everything that I want to accomplish in life.

Music also helps me maintain positive emotions. Whether I am feeling happy, upset, or stressed, I turn to my extensive library of tunes and I will immediately feel composed. Occasionally, I may even write my own verses and choruses.

What I find to be most fascinating about music is the fact that it can easily stick inside your head. A ballad of some sort always seems to be heard, even when there is silence all around you. After you have turned off the catchy tune that you’ve just listened to, it just repeats inside your head over and over again.

There is no doubt that music has changed the world since it was invented and as it has improved. More people are finding themselves and making music a part of their lifestyle. In addition, people are happier and more motivated.

We may think that music is only a form of art and entertainment, but it is much more than that for many people. So, if you are feeling a little bit down, put on a pair of headphones, play a soft tune, and pay attention to your emotions as you listen. You may notice that you are feeling more relaxed and peaceful.

Michael Rooney is a Staff Writer for The Comment newspaper.

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