The cyberworld, has become the perfect spot that makes us feel confident and comfortable enough to find the words and courage to really speak what’s on our mind.


In some cases, social media can be a suitable outlet to express one’s thoughts and emotions when need be, but sometimes there are those who use social media as a tool that fosters passive-aggressive tendencies.


For example, we have those people who hold unrealistic expectations and are under the assumption that people on the Internet possess mind-reading abilities. Last time I checked, my friends can’t read my mind when I am talking to them in person, nor can they via social media.


I guess I am confused by why there are so many people who assume that just by making a social media gesture, such as ‘liking’ something, the person is automatically expected to know just what it truly indicates.


Subtweeting is one of the more popular faces of passive-aggression in regards to social networking. Why is it some people can find exactly what they want to say to a person, and know exactly how to put it, but fail to directly address the person?


If you’re going to find a way to say what’s on your mind and go through meticulous efforts of expressing it within the strict boundaries of 140 characters, then why not go the extra mile and let that person know you are talking about them.


If you are compelled enough to transform your ideas or feelings into text, then  it only makes sense to do so in a way that sufficiently gets the message across. Subtweeting nasty remarks will not solve anything, nor will it change anything.


If you want someone to know you have a certain bone to pick with them, without being a cyberbully, address the person in a mature manner,and let them know what your stance is.


The habitual offenders who constantly promote their complaints through social media are just as guilty of passive-aggressive behavior. Its highly unlikely tweeting about how the dude at the gym smells like raunchy bodily fluids will result in their purchase of deodorant, nor will the guy you are posting love song lyrics about get the hint you are utterly infatuated with him. It just doesn’t work that way.


As educated individuals, it should be no surprise to learn that if you want your voice heard, or you disagree with something being said, you need to speak up; loud and clear.


Christina Fazio is a Comment opinion writer. Email her at


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