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Bridgewater State University has changed its offering for the general curriculum – math subtest preparation course. Once a course offer for free, the course will now cost $150 for Bridgewater State student.


The course was a temporary fix to continue to keep students up on their requirements of the math portions of the MTEL test.


Students can register for this class, which begins in October. Bridgewater State will offer the general curriculum-math subtest only preparation seminar series starting on October 21.


The MTEL changed what students expect back in 2008. After a year of legislative effort, the university implemented this course. Bridgewater State did what it could to continue to keep its students in equivalence with the expectations.


“This course was beneficial to the entire Bridgewater State University,” said the Dean of the College of Education and Allied Studies Lisa Battaglino. “And it will continue to be offered to anyone.”


Returning student Jessica Rogers is meeting requirements at Bridgewater State to go forth in becoming a teacher. She had to take a year off from school and is now returning and needs this course.


“It’s disappointing that the course will no longer be offered for free, but it’s not that expensive,” Rogers said. “I’m glad Bridgewater offers it and I don’t have to travel to another school just for this one class”


Bridgewater State has added additional math courses to prepare students in the College of Education and Allied studies. These additional math courses have kept students in accordance with what is expected of them by the MTEL.


“It’s the responsibility of the College of Education and Allied Studies to prepare all students through their own existing coursework,” Battaglino said. “Our degree programs  in this college of the university are much more appropriate now and will continue to be unless additional changes have to be made.”

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