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As students prepared to register for classes this week at Bridgewater State University, students all over campus faced holdups and delays as they sought to choose their required courses before they became unavailable.

Irene Checkovich, the Committee Chairperson of the Registrar’s Office, said students often face holdups in registration because they are confused about what year of study they are officially enrolled in.

Heather Burgess photo.
Heather Burgess photo.

“I would say the number one source of confusion and frustration is students think they’re in a class when they’re really in a different class,” Checkovich said.  “Often we get students who try to register on the wrong day.”

Checkovich also said some other issues with registration commonly happen because students don’t remember to meet with their advisors prior to registration, they inadvertently lock themselves out of the system because they attempt to register through both their computer and their cell phone, and they are placed with holds due to a variety of different reasons.

However, other mishaps occurred that were out of students’ control.

“The sophomores did have some technical difficulties,” Checkovich said. “Dozens and dozens and dozens of emails this morning [Tuesday] is a slight understatement. We had a lot of students this morning who were hung up.”

Alexandra Gustafson, a junior Social Work major, said her early morning attempt to register for spring classes turned out to be unsuccessful as well.

“I made like four or five different schedules and then woke up early thinking I was going to register, but it said I couldn’t because I wasn’t in the right classes,” Gustafson said. “All the classes are full though. So I have to get up early again tomorrow to get into the right classes.

“I’m absolutely worried because I’m behind in credits because some of my classes from BCC [Bristol Community College] didn’t transfer.”

Simona Kalcheva, a junior Psychology major, attempted to register for her classes multiple times before the server finally registered her.

“I was frustrated because all my teachers were telling me I was registered,” said Kalcheva. “If I hadn’t had checked I may have missed out on the classes that I wanted.”

During senior registration day which occurred Nov. 25, the Office of Student Accounts was filled with anxious and frustrated students who were unable to register due to having been placed with holds on their accounts.

The exact reason as to why some students were facing holds was sometimes unclear.

“We have very limited space in banner,” Checkovich said. “So we try to make our messages clear, but we need to do a better job.”

Checkovich said those at the Registrar’s Office do their very best to remain sympathetic as well as knowledgeable to the current situation each student faces as they seek to guide students through the registration process. Checkovich also said the Registrar is considering creating a page on the website that will help students properly register.

“We’re thinking of making a page of the ten steps of effective registration,” said Checkovich. “Or registration do’s and don’t’s.”

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